Course 5, W2, lab 2 (Emojify) disappeared

Hi mentors, my emojify lab disappear no matter what I do. I tried rebooting the server and my computer already. However, nothing seems to work. Could someone please help me out?

Is your enrollment current?

Yes, the enrolment is current.

If you can select the “File → Open” menu, please post a screen capture image of the results.

OK, now click on the Emoji_v3a.ipynb file to open the notebook.

The notebook is still blank

Please post a screen capture image that shows your “File → Open” results. I want to see the sizes and names of all of the files.

Could you please help me to reset my notebook? I don’t think it’s possible for me to get back the version with my changes on it.

Try Item 09 in this FAQ.

I have heard of this issue only once before, but I do not know how the student fixed it.

That works, thank you!