Course 5 Week 3 Assignment 2 Submission errrors

I keep getting these errors when I submit my assignment:
Sorry, your submission was incorrect. Please try again. Invalid control character at: line 186 column 1904476 (char 2211840)
Sorry, your submission was incorrect. Please try again. Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)

I am looking to reset the deadlines so I can get a fresh lab notebook; however, I do not see the option in the course. I am not sure what is happening. I have checked the variables and all…I do not see anything that is of concern.


Have you deleted/changed any of the pre-written code or cells? Have you passed all the exercises? Please share the screenshot of the full error.

Moreover, if your course deadline is not reached, I think you cannot reset that.

I have not deleted any changed any codes. I passed all the exercises.

Here is the screenshot.
I am also not sure how I can get the fresh copy of the assignment. I tried everything and looked everywhere but I cannot find how I can do. I followed the instruction in Coursera help on how to get fresh copy of the assignment with no success. I would really appreciate help.

Hi @Biswas_Rijal ,

From your first post, the error message points to an invalid character at line 186. So it could well be that error is introduced there without you noticing.
Please follow this link and go to the section on how to get a fresh copy of your notebook.