Course time extension

I have one issue here , I am currently doing deep learning specialization under financial aid, I applied for 5 courses but because of certain reasons I only completed 4 courses, and I only have 1 last day to complete this entire course of sequence models ( tomorrow on 1 January I will loose access to all 5 courses )
If I apply for financial aid again then It will take 15 more days to reapprove the financial aid, but I don’t want to break my rhythm of learning , so is there any way that I will get some extension of 1 week to complete this course ? :disappointed_relieved:

Sorry, but no-one listening here can answer that question. You’ll need to contact the Coursera Help Center: look on one of the course pages and find the small blue square with the ? lower right.

But my guess is that they do not have such a mechanism for “special pleading”. You have to remember that MOOCs are dealing at very large scale. When you have O(10^6) customers, it just doesn’t “scale” to handle “the dog ate my homework” style individual cases like this. Let us know if they are actually able to help here.