About The Financial Aid

Hello, I was applied for a financial aid 6 months ago for C4 (CNN) and it was approved, I was surprised now that the financial aid is no longer available, So I applied for a financial aid again. Any help I don’t want to wait for another 2 weeks?

I don’t see we have another option if you can’t use the 7 days trial.

Hi @Mirna_Mohsen_Alkhore,

DeepLearning.AI is an organisation which develops and publishes courses on Coursera, but we both are not one. We only develop, publish courses and use the infrastructure of Coursera, and Coursera handles all of the payment, subscription and financial aid. As much as I’d like to help you here, I cannot as this falls under the umbrella of Coursera.

You can chat with an agent from Coursera who would have answers to such queries.


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