Coursera certificate is not showing

Hi, I passed all course material during the 7 days trial on coursera. I paid $49 to receive the certificate. However, coursera certificate is now showing. Could you help?

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In 7 days trial you finished all courses of Deep Learning specialisation :face_with_monocle:?? that must a record if true. DLS has 5 courses and each courses need to purchased and then cleared to get DLS specialisation certificate.

Course materials? you cleared assignment and labs too? Also what do you mean 7 days trial and paying 49$ contrasting information, if you paid you wouldn’t required to go for 7-day trial. But in case you took first the 7-day trial, when did you make the payment? from the day you started the trial? Also as per the image shared it shows you have completed 96.5% of the course, so did you miss out any graded assignments, quiz or labs ? (if you want you can share screenshot shots by hiding the your personal information)

As far as I know when you complete a course from a specialisation, all details are mentioned where the picture shared by you shows this course, which course?

Did you raise a ticket on Coursera Learner Helper centre about the same?


I took Deep Learning Specialization courses early several times but I could not complete all assignments. This time, I just went to work on assignments directly since I learned the material a couple of times. It was tense but I concentrated time to work on problems. I have contacted the coursera learner helper center. It seems like I made a payment to a wrong account. They asked me to wait for 24-48 hours to go back to make a payment correctly. Sorry for your inconvenience.

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