Coursera Labs wont open

hello ,

I am studying the DL speci’ on Coursera and I have encountered an issue with the labs.

I was solving an assignment and suddenly the labs crashed and when i try to open it again it gives the following error :

When I try clicking “reopen” it just prompts same error.

I have tried contacting coursera without success. Please advise

I cant seem to find a “contact us” in coursera except for the forums which are not useful…
Thank you!

Is your PC/Laptop time/date correct?

Maybe try “Kernel” → “Restart”.

i think so… i traveled to india and manually changed the time … ill try switching to auto.

cant… the msg will pop up and i cant click anything else

Or try “Help” → “Reboot server”.

its now working ! had to match pc timezone to coursera 1

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