Difficulty in opening the optional lab in coursera

I am having an issue in which I can’t access the optional labs on my laptop in Coursera please help.It says about blank and there is a white screen only

Are you enrolled in the course, and did you pay the fee (or use financial aid)?

Yes I am enrolled to the course using financial Aid

Perhaps the problem is related to Coursera’s current technical problems. Hopefully they will fix the issue soon.

“Coursera Labs are currently down and you might not be able to open any lab for the time being. Coursera is aware of this and working on resolving it.” Once they resolve it, we will update you on this post.

I’m having similar issues currently and I don’t know what to do

Is your network connectivity is good. If yes, then you could try clearing your browser and cache history once, and then re-login in Coursera and try opening the optional labs. If issue still persist let me know.

You could also try using different browser if the above step doesn’t resolve your issue.