An error with optional lab

I have a problem with optional lab in Gradient descent. Unfortunately I cannot open it. I have gotten this error since yesterday: " Your lab session has timed out…If you’d like to continue working, reopen the lab." I reopened it a few times but no result. What should I do? because I am stocked with this lab and I cannot continue the course!

This lab was updated yesterday (Oct 13). I just tried it and it opened without problems.

Things to try:

  • Verify that you are enrolled in the course and have paid whatever fees are necessary (or have approved financial aid, if applicable).

  • Try logging-out of Coursera and then log in again.

  • Clear your cache and cookies.

@Mahshid_Khazaei_Shad , were you able to open it? I have also tried it and it is working just fine. Please contact us in case you still have any issue.

Hello @Mahshid_Khazaei_Shad,

I have seen 4 learners solved this issue by correcting their computer’s system time. Please check if this is the source of problem.


Thank you for your replies. This is very weird because I cannot still open the lab with my PC however Now I have tried with my laptop and I can. Maybe there is a problem with my PC. Any way I am very thankful.

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