Problem with Optional lab in week 2: It does not open

Hello, I pressed the button “Open Lab” for the " Optional lab: Python, NumPy and vectorization". But it does not open - it shows " Preparing your lab…" and stops at 50% and then it shows “we’re having trouble preparing your lab”

There is probably currently an issue with coursera, you should try a few hours after again.

Hi all,

Kindly follow this post for updates regarding this issue.


I couldn’t submit my reply in the post that you mentioned. So these are the details:

  • Name of the specialisation : Machine Learning Specialization
  • Name of course : Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification
  • Week number : 2
  • Optional Lab name : Python, NumPy and vectorization

Yes, the replying feature has been closed for that topic on purpose. The thread has gotten too long.

Keep following it for updates.

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Thank you. The lab is working now.


Okay. Thanks.

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The labs is not working again.

Hi, I have this problem too​:slightly_frowning_face:

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