Week1 lab1 not opening

I am not able to open the “Python and Jupyter notebooks”. I am getting following error: " Your lab session has timed out. If you’d like to continue working, reopen the lab."

I am getting this error for all notebooks.

Hello @Joy1,

Some possible things to check:

  1. Do you still have the same problem if you close all coursera tabs and open the lab again?
  2. Would this problem gone if you login coursera and open the lab in an incognito browser?
  3. Is your computer’s time correct? (a learner reported this as a possible cause)


Thank you for sharing points. I have to check all the cases. However, the last point may be the reason. I will check and update.

Hi, I figured out what happened. My system’s time was not correct. Thank you for sharing your points.

Thank you for letting us know the cause of your case, which will be helpful for others who encounter the same problem in the future.

Thank you @Joy1!