Coursera recommended I contact this forum: Comment line with index: `UNQ_C2` wasn't found in code

Hi there! I completed the Practice Lab- and all tests are passing. However, when submitting I receive a failing grade with the note "Comment line with index: ‘UNQ_C2’ was not found in code.

I did delete some of the comments because I completed the lab slightly differently than the instructions asked.

I did not see any option to reset the lab from my end.

My submission ID is mlsc1w3-ex1

I reached out to Coursera support and they recommended I contact this forum.

Please help and thank you!!

Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to modify things outside the “YOUR CODE HERE” segments. It’s not illegal, but you really need to be sure you know what you’re doing when you “go there”. In particular some of the comments contain syntax that is used by the grader, as is the case here.

The MLS FAQ includes instructions about how to get a clean copy of any assignment.

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This FAQ page helped a lot, thank you!

Great! As I’m sure you noticed, there is a large amount of useful info there about lots of different topics. Keep it in mind as you go through the courses here! :nerd_face: