Data Source for C2_W4_Lab_1_WeatherData not Accessible

As of Friday May 20, 2021 at 4PM PDT, the data source for MLEP Course 2 Week4 Lab 1 (C2_W4_Lab_1_WeatherData),, is not accessible.

I checked the GihHub repo, GitHub - https-deeplearning-ai/MLEP-public: Public repo for DeepLearning.AI MLEP Specialization, and I did not see a course2 folder.

Nothing serious. Just pointing out in case someone else is experiencing the same issue. Thanks

Hi @davidlowe , thank you very much for point out this. I checked as for May 20th 2021, and you are right. I am sure, staffs in charge are taking care of this problem now. I will follow this issue closely.

Thank you, @josem . Glad you and I stumbled onto this now. It will save some frustration for some folks down the road.

I will check on it in a few days to see where things stand. Have a great weekend in the meantime.

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Hi David! Thank you for reporting! The dataset has now been uploaded to the public repo and you can download it from within the notebook. Thanks again!