Submission Error for Assignment C2W1

I have completed all tasks in the Week 1 Assignment with all the correct ouputs. However, when I press Submit Assignment I get the following error:

Bad request: {‘errorCode’: None, ‘message’: ‘Failed to find active course item with atom Vket9RVaEeuRpQ4rKgBMmw for 117557225’, ‘details’: None}

I can find no solution to this problem. Can you help please?


I have the same problem in the same course. Can this have anything to do with end of enrollment for this course? How can I fix this?

I hope not Maeggy … I have only started this course and find it really relevant to what I am doing. My understanding is we will be able to finish it as long as we have started it.

I hope there is someone out there who can help us on this.


I recommend you post on the below thread, since it covers the topic of the course closure. DLAI staff is active there.

I’m not a mentor for that course, so I don’t have any further information.

I’m going to close this thread, so that it doesn’t spawn a duplicate discussion.

Please use the thread I linked to.

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