MLOps Specialization - Get Error Bad Request, Machine Learning Data Lifecycle in Production

Hi everyone! In the second part of the Machine Learning Operations in Specialization course, I get the following error in below while uploading the assignment and I can’t proceed. Can you please help?

(‘errorCode’: None, ‘message’: 'Failed to find …)

This Specialization has been discontinued, I am not sure if it is still on the coursera server (I mean the files to run it)!

The current version of MLOPS specialization is available till october 23.

Have your reached out to coursera help to understand what the error meant?

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Yes,i did but unfortunately I could not get a correct and definite answer. Btw, thanks a lot for your comment :blush:

Really, is it right?

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Hi Buse. Can you let us know the exact response you got from Coursera? Do you currently have a monthly subscription to the Specialization? If so, they should be able to switch you to a different session (as mentioned here). Let us know how it goes. Thanks!

Also, please post the entire error message here for context. You can post a screenshot if that’s easier. Thanks.

Does this help?

Hello Chris. I applied for the Machine Learning Data Lifecycle in Production in Coursera, and the Week 1 course contained a “Data Validation” assignment. When I want to upload of completed assignment, it gets an error like: “Bad request: {‘errorCode’: None, ‘message’: ‘Failed to find active course item with atom Vket9RVaEeuRpQ4rKgBMmw for 43858828’, ‘details’: None}”.

Yeah, I’ve tried many times, but it still gets the same error. I tried to use a different browser, clear the cache, etc. But it didn’t change it.

Hi. Yes that is the same issue the other learners experienced. It won’t work on any browser unless Coursera switched your session. Please see the instructions here on this particular reply, and let us know the exact response you got from Coursera. If they’re not able to help, then we can escalate. Thanks.

Thank you for the solution. But when I want to apply the instructions, unfortunately I can’t find the place to reset the deadlines. Is there any way you can help me with this?

Hi. Please revisit the link above. There is a link there to connect to Coursera’s Learner Support. Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to reset your deadlines ourselves. DeepLearning.AI only handles the content. This is a platform issue – which Coursera handles. Please describe the problem to them and they should be able to help you out. If not, just let me know the response you got. Thanks.