"Deep Learning" VS "Tensor Flow developer" specializations


I am trying to decide on a deep leaning specialization to do. The obvious advantage to doing the latter is the preparation for Google’s Exam.

They both cover CNNs and RNNs What would be an argument for doing the “Deep Learning” incarnation? What does it offer that the “Tensorflow Developer certificate” prep doesn’t?


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Hey @David_Simmonds,
I guess the best way to find the answer to this question is to simply audit the courses in these specializations. Once you have figured out which specialization you want to pursue, you can simply subscribe to that, while un-enroling from the other one. I hope this helps.


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Hi @Elemento,

That is possible but the Tensorflow version requires payment upfront plus which is not a deal breaker. The big issue for me is investing a lot of time to figure out whether the course suits my purpose. Kinda like watching a movie you’re not interested in. Hence reviews can be helpful.

I do have an idea of which I want to do first but it doesn’t hurt to get feedback from folks who may have done both. Especially since the programming assignments would be veey time consuming.

Hey @David_Simmonds,
I didn’t know that the Tensorflow Developer Specialization requires up-front payment. Unfortunately, I haven’t done the later myself, so I am not the correct person to answer this query.

Although, I can tell you a little about the Deep Learning Specialization. As the name suggests, you will get to explore the various aspects of Deep Learning, ranging from standard neural networks, to convolutional neural networks, to sequence models, and much more. You will get to know how to build these models using Tensorflow 2.0, how to train them and then carry out inference. You will also get to know some other aspects of Deep Learning, like bias-variance trade-off, hyper-parameter tuning, various optimization and regularization techniques, and much more.

Also, let me tag Balaji here, perhaps he could help you here, since he has done the later too, if I am not wrong.

Hey @balaji.ambresh, can you please take a look at this query? Thanks in advance.


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DLS = Deep learning specialization
TDC = Tensorflow developer certificate

I recommend DLS as the place to start if you’d like to get a good grasp of concepts of neural networks, sequence learning, vision and error analysis. You get to take a peek under the hood on how layers are coded and how to do real world error analysis. Be it competitions or projects, this material is important.

TDC is a good place to start if you have some background with ML / DL. There is some level of coverage of the inner details but the focus is mainly on using tensorflow apis and hyperparameter search. Do keep in mind that DLS will help you with hyperparameter search. DLS covers the foundational aspects of sequence learning but TDC provides sufficient labs from api perspective for the time series module for the exam. The labs are more in phase with the exam.

This is the exam handbook.

Both specializations are like good movies. You have to decide which one(s) to watch.


Hi Elemento and Balaji,

Thanks very much for your descriptions of the course. I feel like I could go straight to TDC because I got a really good grounding in Andrew/Standord’s Machine Learning course on Coursera and before that, one Neural Networks course in IBM’s Machine Learning specialization.

What I am surmising is that TDC is very practical & industry focused whereas DLS seems to be more theoretical and academic. I am going to to DLS first because it sound like I would struggle if I went straight to TDC. Also, I am an academic and I teach IT and Data Analytics so I think the deeper more theoretical understanding from TDC is going to be very useful. I am thinking of switching back to industry, but right now I am buttering my bread in academia so I think that is a safer bet, in case I only end up doing one.


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Hi Balaji

Can you guide me in deciding what to choose next after MLS?
I’ve recently done MLS which gives me base knowledge for machine learning and deep learning. And, my final aim is to take the “Machine Learning Engineering Specialization”.
Which one should I take in the middle? DLS or TDC
The machine learning engineering specialization recommends completing DLS first but as you said DLS is good for concepts of neural networks which I think I’ve learned already in the MLS.
So, considering all this what will you suggest?
Should I go for TDC for more practical knowledge?

DLS before Tensorflow Developer Certification

Thank you so much balaji.