Deep learning w4 assignment

i tried several times to resubmit it for grading but it gives me 50-100 but i believed as expected answer that i solved it correctly

Are you asking about the second assigment “Neural Network Application” or the “Step by Step” assignment? I’m guessing it’s A2. In that case, did you “hand copy” any of your functions from the “Step by Step” exercise? If so, that can cause this error. Which section got marked as 0? If it’s the general case “L layer model”, then check to make sure that you did not use your own version of the initialization routine. They provide the functions for you and they needed to use a more sophisticated initialization routine to get decent performance.

If that’s not the issue, then I’ll probably need to look at your code. We can’t do that in public, but I will send you a Direct Message about how to do that.

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If the grader failed you in the 2 layer case, then check to make sure you did not use the “deep” version of the initialization for the 2 layer case. The deep version gives slightly better results, but you need to be consistent with the way they told you to write the code.