W4_A2_Dealing with exercises

Dear all, help me please I made the last assignment of first course all correct, I passed all tests and all numbers were identical to what was expected but I was graded 50% !!!
I did not pass !!!

in the header of the notebook, they are giving a few advice on how to submit and what to watch for when submitting. For example, if u have some extra print statements…

If i were in your shoes, I would start by checking on all those points.
This can help: How to Get a Clean Copy of an Assignment Notebook

If this is the C1 W4 Assignment 2, then there are just two graded functions: two_layer_model and L_layer_model. Did the grader say which one it didn’t accept? Did you click “Show grader output”? Maybe you could show us a screen shot with that link clicked. Sometimes the grader is unable to tell us which function was not accepted, but sometimes it can.

In general, just passing the test cases in the notebook does not guarantee that you will pass the grader. If not, then there is some way in which your code is not “general”. E.g. you hard-coded something like dimensions of an object to match the test case or you referenced a global variable from the body of your function that happens to be passed as a parameter, rather than referencing it by the parameter name.

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Sharing the course name by its week and assignment is essential. It provides a cue and direction to the mentors to sort out the query and help the learners to look out for the solution if they face the similar kind of issues :slight_smile: