DLS Course 4, Week 4 Face recognition

I’m running into the same problem as before, in the U_Net module. I get constant Permission_denied errors, can’t Save/Checkpoint anything, and the grader registers nothing, so get a 0 score. Please do whatever you did before, so I can finish this module. Thanks.


This is a known error and we already informed the Coursera staff about it and waiting to hear from them. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

Meanwhile, you can try this temporary hack but it worked for many with a few exceptions. If it is not working for you, kindly refer to that post . You will need to submit your info as mentioned there.


Many of us are experiencing this “permission denied” error which happened on several programming assignments, please help to inform Cousera team to resolve this issue ASAP so we can submit

@muxin Have you tried this?

It worked, thanks!


Hi Saif,

New problem - the kernel keeps dying. Every 2 to 3 minutes.
The module forgets everything. All the imports disappear. I have to start from scratch and re-import the libraries.
What’s happening? Is the system overloaded? Am I doing something wrong?
I can’t complete the assignment like this.