DLS: Course 5 Week 2 A2 - Not able to load the programming assignment in the notebook


I am not able to load the programming assignment 2 for Course 5, Week 2 in the notebook. I tried clearing the browser cache, opening a new incognito window, restarting the browser and even my system, but nothing seems to work.

Please let me know if this is a known issue.


Is your computer time correct?

Yes, I checked - the computer time is correct…

Do you have access to the course, right? I mean a valid subscription or financial ad. If so, can you check this assignment on another PC/Laptop?

Yes, I paid for this course to complete in 3 months time. On the purchases page, it is mentioned that I can still get the course certificate if I finish the course by June 18th.

I also tried to open up the programming assignments for Week 3 and 4, I face the same issue there as well.

I will try to access the programming assignments from a different computer to check if I can move ahead with this…

Please let us know then…

Hi @nalinaksh_gaur,

Had you worked on this assignment before ? Did you open it before this ?

Hi @Mubsi
Yes, I had opened this assignment before and was working on it. Lost access to it when I tried to open it for a 2nd time to complete the remaining exercises.

Hi @nalinaksh_gaur,

It is possible that when you were last working on it and if you didn’t reset the notebook, it increased in size because of all of the executions.

Let me DM you regarding it.


Hi @nalinaksh_gaur,

As suspected, your file size had increased to 41.3 MBs, which is why it was having trouble opening.

I have reset your file, you should be able to open it now.

I’d suggest, every time you are done working on a assignment do Kernel --> Restart & Clear Output before closing it, so that all the executions are reset (you won’t lose progress on any of your work).


P.S I don’t think running this assignment increases the file size by that much, please make sure you implementations are correct.

Hi @Mubsi !

I am able to open the programming assignment now. Thanks a lot for the help! I will check my implementation and will keep in mind your advice related to resetting the kernel before closing.

Thanks again!

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