DLS Structured ML Week 2 Quiz Error

I explored WK 2 Quiz last night but decided to defer it today as it would take longer than 30 minutes. This morning it showed “The time allotted has expired, please submit.”. To pass this error, I submitted as is and did “Try again”. It refreshed with the same timeout error. Another attempt - same result and it says I have to wait until tomorrow.

Please help with this tech glitch. I just have today / Sunday to complete this.

I don’t think we can do anything about the quiz grader timing.

It seems to be a technical error. It timed out once but for the other two, it did on its own. I tried clearing out cache and for the third time switch the browser. If this is repeatable, may be you could escalate.
Thank you

Hi @Shailendra_Majmundar,

Th next time you open the quiz and it starts by giving you an error, submit the quiz as it is. Then log out, clear cache, log in and then try again.

If the issue remains, even after that, let me know.