DLS, Week 2 | Logistic Regression with a Neural Network |Grader gave 83%, although the code is fully 100% completed and passed


Can you please check why the grader has given me only 83% for the “Logistic regression with a neural network” programming assignment? The code and test has passed 100% of all tests.

Did I make any other mistakes or missed anything? I have already checked/rechecked several times now and cannot find anything wrong.

Please help.

The test cases in the notebook can’t catch all possible errors. The grader uses different test cases. One type of error to look for is “hard-coding” things in your code so that it happens to work with the particular test cases in the notebook, but is not “general”.

Thank you @paulinpaloalto . It is all good now. I resubmitted the assignment and the grader regraded it to 100%.