W3_A1_Grader output 88%



What does the detailed grader feedback say?
Please post a screen capture image.

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Oh, sorry, sometimes the grader is mysterious and can’t tell us which function is failing. We’ll probably need to look at your code. I’ll send you a DM about how to proceed with that. You can recognize DMs from normal replies because they have a little “envelope” icon.

Just to close the loop on the public thread, the bug turned out to be in nn_model: the value of n_h was being hard-coded to 4. That works with the test in the notebook but the grader uses a different value. So it’s a case of the code not being “general”: it worked with one specific test case, but not in the general case.

Of course I can’t explain why the grader can’t be more specific about this error, but apparently that’s hard to fix in this case. So in cases like that, we have to do things the old fashioned way and look at the notebook.