Download .py file and using it on VS Code

hi all
probably a question asked already but i tried to download the file .py extension to run on my local machine on VS code.
getting errors right from the beginning when i use !pip install transformers

am sure i am missing something… can someone let me know?

Please share the screenshot of the error you are encountering

Do you have all the files necessary to do the assignment in your local jupyter notebook?

if you notice in your screenshot which mentions libraries are already installed as it was discourse supported assignment but as you are trying to do in your local Jupyter notebook and you have only downloaded the assignment notebook, the error is asking for utils file information, basically you do not have all the necessary files to run the assignment in your local environment.


thanks DP.
can you please let me know how to download other files required for the course?

Short Courses, do not allow learners to downloaded these other files as sharing its GitHub repo is not allowed as per Staff instruction.

But other way solution what you could do, Click===Files===Open===you will find all the files there, download them.

Further you would still encounter some errors due to difference in version or Jupyter environment downloads. Those error you need to find yourself, but you can share here as other also try a way out to find solutions but make sure you got all the utils file or folder required to do the assignment.