Emojify Sequence Models

I completed my Emojify assignment , before submission and I saw all the tests I passed and all my codes are in sequence. Why do I see see it is graded 0/100.

Will the grader please see into it. Thanks

Did the grader give you any error messages?
It would be good to see it.

No. I did not get any error or remark from the grader.

I believe that my codes are correct, because they show “All tests passed”, yet I get the grading of 0/100. There may be some hick up in the computerized grading. Please help. Thanks.

Passing the unit tests does not mean your code is perfect. The unit tests do not catch all possible errors.

But a more common way to get 0/100 points is for your notebook to contain some accidental modifications that make the grader crash. There is usually a link below your score where you can get messages from the grader.

Please look for that and post any messages you see.

Thanks TMosh for your prompt response.

Yes, this is the message from the grading:

Cell #14. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: KeyError(‘never’,).

Next I checked my submission ,and I see this note on Cell#14:

Great! Your model has pretty high accuracy on the training set. Now see how it does on the test set:

I am stuck. Can you please suggest what are the problems. Is it a grading problem or something else. Need your assistance so that I can resubmit by the deadline.



Hi TMosh

I again looked at my codes , I did not receive any error message, but somehow the grading system showing 0/100 score. Please let me know what I need to do rectify the situation.