Error in grading practice exercises 1 week 2 - Course 1

I completed all the exercises in the 1 week 2 practice and was told “All tests passed” but always got a score of 63/100. I’ve tried editing the assignments to code for errors and submit a grade. And the result is still 63/100 and the score has not dropped even though I have corrected the exercise to be wrong.

Hi, I would suggest a couple of things for you to check:

  1. Is there any feedback after the submission when you get 63/100?
  2. If when you executed the notebook manually everthing passed and with the grade it is not giving you 100 then maybe you have hardcoded some parameters or variables in the notebook which will not work with the non-public tests. Maybe you could have a look at that.

Please let me know how to know which parameter has been changed. Or is there a way to return the exercise to the beginning from when I didn’t do it. I do not know how to do. Thanks