Face Skin Analyzer

The project “Face Skin Analyzer” is a Computer Vision model developed by me and hosted on Hugging Face’s model repository. The model is designed to analyze text descriptions of facial problems and provide a classification of the problem type.

The model takes in a text input describing a facial problem, such as “I have red bumps on my cheeks,” and outputs a label indicating the type of problem, such as “Acne” or “Rosacea.” The model is trained on a dataset of facial problem descriptions and their corresponding labels, and uses machine learning techniques to learn patterns and features that distinguish between different problem types.

The “Face Problems Analyzer” model can be useful for healthcare professionals, dermatologists, and individuals seeking to better understand their facial problems. It can help with triage and prioritization of patients, as well as provide more accurate and personalized treatment recommendations based on the specific problem type. The model can also be integrated into healthcare systems or telemedicine platforms to improve access to care and reduce the burden on healthcare providers.

You can find my app at below link


It seems like the model takes an input image instead of text? Also on which dataset did you train your model on?

@tyqiangz I have web scraped images using duckduckgo web search using fast.ai library. Yes the input to app is an image.

Your app is pretty cool. It managed to detect that I might have some eyebags HAHA. How did you preprocess your data and train the model?