Failed to start kernel

I get the following error when selecting and booting the notebook Kernel:

Failed to launch app [sagemaker-data-scien-ml-m5-2xlarge-58ec53cbfb4afb44281d61bdec8c]. ResourceLimitExceeded: The account-level service limit ‘Studio KernelGateway Apps running on ml.m5.2xlarge instance’ is 1 Apps, with current utilization of 1 Apps and a request delta of 1 Apps. Please use AWS Service Quotas to request an increase for this quota. If AWS Service Quotas is not available, contact AWS support to request an increase for this quota. (Context: RequestId: 49131169-8c8b-4654-a578-a0c4dffe14e1, TimeStamp: 1703846402.313292, Date: Fri Dec 29 10:40:02 2023)

I’m not running any other kernels, this is my first time running Lab 1.


Can you have a look at this post:

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Thanks! I searched for this issue but didn’t find that post.

The following (shutting down all kernels in the sidebar) worked!