Failing u-net assignment

i am getting Cell #3. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: IndexError(‘list index out of range’)

Is that my fault of is the referenced problem with the grader in this specific notebook?

The u-net works well and i have passed all graded functions. Also, i am submited this 6 times already.

I have ttyed reseting the kernel and saving checkpoint. Didnt work.

What i should do? Could anyone grade my notebook manually, please? thanks.

There is probably an error in your code. It works with the data in the exercise, but not with the data the grader uses.

Thats probable.

But if that is the case, how could I figure where is my error? The function with excercise data works, and is composed by many lines. And the grader does not give any helpfull feedback.

i try to delete all, and rename the main folder (because while delting, i realize the inmense amount of time that it will take).

Now i cant even open a new notebook.

Please help, i have been dedicating a great amount of time in this specialization and this error is frustrating.

sorry my english, is not my native lenguaje.

Looks like you have trashed your notebook, you may have to start over with a fresh copy.
Instructions are here:

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Since the error says “list index out of range”, you should look in your code for any hard-coded data shapes that might not be the same in the grader’s tests.

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Special thanks to your precise and fast answers.