U net programming Assignment

I cannot complete the week 3 U net assignment. I followed all the guidelines. I passed all the tests. I submitted like 20 times, but everything in vain. Please help me out. I cannot proceed.

Are you getting any error messages from the grader? That would be important to know.

The grader outputs “list index out of range”, although I passed all the test cases. I also tried restarting my kernel and resubmitting, but nothing worked. It written that their is some problem in this assignment, but if you keep submitting it, you will pass. I have now submitted 20 times, but it dosen’t work.

Most likely there is an error in your code that the unit tests did not catch.

Please post the entire text of the grader’s error message.

Here it the graders output
“Cell #3. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: IndexError(‘list index out of range’)”

Any help ? Please find a solution to this.

My two cents
Not sure if that is the case, but note that in the expanding path, as stated in the comments, only the first upsampling will use the [0] index of the previous block and, in the sequence, use the next block that you have inside conv_block, as the other one was already used during contracting path.


Thanks. But it says that “all tests passed”. Dosen’t that mean I did it all right ?

The unit tests do not catch all possible errors in your code. Do not rely only on passing all the unit tests.

That seems to be pretty clear evidence that somewhere your code has an error.

The “Cell #3” may or may not be significant - I don’t know exactly how the grader numbers the cells.

Okay. Will try to solve it.