U-Net: Grader fails to compile code

In the U-Net assignment, my code passes all the checks, but the grader says:

Cell #3. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: IndexError(‘list index out of range’)

For those who are stuck on this as well, I had N=7 to look at another image. It looks like the grader uses very few images, so that N=7 results in an overflow…


Thanks for your report.

I got this exact error and this was the solution. Thanks @Meir!

For reference for other readers, “Cell 3” means the third executable cell, just under “Check out the some of the unmasked and masked images from the dataset”.

I had changed the index N of the sample image to 10. This worked in the notebook, but broke the grader.

Hi, what is the default value of N? I changed it to 100. I forgot what is the default value. Please let me know, Thanks