C4_W3 U-Net Assignment Error

There is an error when submitting the U-Net assignment, however I passed all tests when running the Notebook. Here is the error message:

Cell #3. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: IndexError(‘list index out of range’)

Can you please let me know how to submit that assignment correctly?
Thank you in advance!

Are you sure that everything in your notebook runs correctly when you execute it locally? Please try “Kernel → Restart and Clear Output” followed by “Cell → Run All”. Then scan carefully through the notebook to make sure no errors were thrown.

If that doesn’t show any error, then the next theory is that the test cases used by the grader are triggering a bug in your code that the tests in the notebook did not catch.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for explanation, but it still does not work and I cannot submit that assignment to finish the course. Is there any other way to submit the assignment?

No, sorry, there is no other way to submit the assignment, so we need to figure out what is wrong. I’ll send you a direct message about other strategies.

Still on 2022 , I am facing such issues. Got all test passed but every time I submit and look for grade , I get 0/100 and error log of Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: IndexError(‘list index out of range’).

EDITED I changed the value of N= 7 previously in cell 3 out of curiosity of looking different training examples. And by resetting again to N = 2 , it was well graded.

That’s a great point! I had run across that problem earlier, but had forgotten about it. But to be fair, they give you a very specific warning about that in the instructions for that section of the notebook:

After you are done exploring, revert back to N=2 . Otherwise the autograder will throw a list index out of range error.