Fake product review

Fake Product Review Monitoring System

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As far as I can understand, you might be thinking can we use AI and ML for developing systems that predict either if reviews on a particular product are fake or not or if a particular product is fake or not. Well in both the cases, it is possible. The review part could be handled much easily and ML researchers and engineers have already progressed a lot in tackling issues where fake negative or positive reviews are posted for a product. As for product check, it could be more complex. Although a copy of original brand can be distinguished from original one by some external features of the product like logo design, logo name, print impressions, smoothness, dimensions, design style etc. but then too if one is able to copy these features properly, the only solution left is to go by some interior properties like internal design or material used which could make it a bit more complex. Many other ideas can also be taken into perspective like generally copied fake products are sold at much lesser price and also they are not sold directly sold into the mainstream market or global shopping websites. They either use some local websites or third party websites where you would have to go through a lot of web pages until you finally find the page where it is being sold. Such suspicious activities can also help in keeping track if source of product is genuine or not. So Yeah Its doable by using AI and ML :sunglasses:.

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