File b'nih/train-small.csv' does not exist: b'nih/train-small.csv'

You should check if that csv file exists in the directory File-Open…, and if it doesnt exist then maybe you either don’t have the latest version of the assignment or the link you might have downloaded it from is not right.

Good Evening Sir,
Thank You soo much for your response.
The Issue regarding the CSV file doesn’t seem to be resolved…on opening the file directory, i did find the file to exist but i don’t why its not able to be read whilst running the program


Try to change the existing string directory of the data to the actual one as found on the file’s location you have shown here.

How am i suppose to do that exactly…?

I explained it to you but I have no access to this course, let me try again, find where that string directory is in the lab notebook and replace it with the proper directory you found the file in when you opened File->Open.

even though the train-small.csv file exists in the nih directory, i am facing this particular error, Error: FileNotFoundError(2, ‘File nih/train-small.csv does not exist’)

Change that directory to the directory where the file is placed and try running again.

i have placed the file in the correct directory but still its not able to compile the code

Hi @shashank_shukla3 ,

It seems strange.
I suppose we don’t need to change the file PATH.

My suggestion is to refresh your workspace once.
Note that be aware to back up your work of the assignment.

Hope it may help you,

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