Find companion to pursue ML/DL career

Hey everyone! I’m new to the Deep Learning specialization, and I’m really passionate about math and coding. I’m eager to pursue a career in Machine Learning/Deep Learning.
Is there anyone out there who would like to join forces and form a study group? Or perhaps someone who shares the same career aspirations?
Feel free to message me. Together, we can go further! :>"


Hello there @dang_vu_h_i seems we have similar goals and aspirations let’s connect on LinkedIn

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Hey Folks! Just enrolled in one of the Deeplearning courses aswell, and yes would love to connect. Please connect w/ me on Linkedin and shoot me a DM so I know where you’re from:

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Hello @TahirM welcome to the community :smiling_face: .

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Lets connect.Sent you a message on linkedin.

Hey guys please i am interested in having ml career companion. I am just starting out in learning. I am really enthusiastic about data and machine learning. I am enrolled in the machine learning specialization right now. I would love to hear from you guys.

This is my LinkedIn

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Good day sir I have sent you a message on LinkedIn. I was hoping we could connect

Hello everyone if you are still interested lets start this group and study and learn together.

What about a Discord group where we can explain ML subject and projects to each other live?

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Hello @dang_vu_h_i . I am currently a freshman CS student and I am also passionate about math and AI. Let’s connect on LinkedIn:

Hi guys anyone have discord? Let’s help each other learning Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

I think discord would be a great. Lets reply yes to this message if we agree. Then after 2 days to give people time we can create the group and send the link here.

hey @dang_vu_h_i I have the same goal as you have and would love to connect on linkedin. Let’s help each other gain knowledge.

connect with me from the above link.


thats a really great idea.


I am glad to see responses here. Lets create/ join a discord group. I think we can do asynchronous messaging and would love to also set a time on some cadence that works for majority to be online so we help each other?

One more thing unless I check this page I don’t know if we have messages or not. Anyway we can get notifications? or leave this page running in the background?

Hi guys, I’m also studying ML/AI, I’d love to connect with you all, here is my linkedin:

For about a month ago, i started to attend a BootCamp about AI Engineering, from there i started a study group in a Discord channel with my fellow attendees of the BootCamp.

I invited you all to come around, discuss, form a bigger study group, and make an appointment to chat and study together.

For disclaimer, the Discord Channel is need to be groomed to be a better place to learn together

this is the discord channel link AI Engineer Study Club (AESC)