Freelance in AI


Guys , little background I was studying BACHELORS in computer science I did almost 4 semesters and got a good grip on Basic fundamentals of programming etc , due to some domestic problem I had to leave that degree.
Now I want to continue my education as well as I want to earn. my passion is in AI and CV. For last 5 months I have been doing courses on Coursera which include professional TensorFlow certificate from deep learning.AI and other certificates and projects from IBM, Duke etc .but I am unable to move toward earning or proper coding part of AI, ML . I used to code well in college days but now I have good academic grip on AI ,ML but I donot think I have skills to earn in this field, guys need help


Take a look at our project. If you are interested in cooperation, write. It is an AI-powered trading platform. You can see the idea in the video.