GenAI with LLM - week-2 lab issues

The lab is stuck at 1.2 - Load Dataset and LLM. I tried restarting and waited for more than 10-15 minutes each time. Any idea how to resolve this?
Thanks in advance

Try once again today and if still stuck we can ask the staff to have a look at this matter!

Hi , I just tried and still the same issue. I opened a new session in incognito and still the same. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Yes, maybe @chris.favila can have a look at it!

Hi! Can you tell us specifically which code cell you’re referring to? If you have a screenshot of the behavior or any error message that you got, that would be better. I just tried this lab yesterday and didn’t run into this issue. We can investigate once we have more details. Thanks.

I just ran again and it went through that step. I will inform if I get stuck. Thanks for your quick response.