Github submission of the code


As I remember that students of this course are not allowed to submit the code to Github. I guess that is because future students should not be able to take someone else’s code but should write it themselves. Is it allowed to modify the code (rearrange it here and there, change variable names) and post it in Github? I am new to Deep learning and coding that is why posting code in Github is important part of building my resume.

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Hi @Aygul_Ishemgulova ,

When you completed the course and all your assignments are passed, you will be awarded a certificate which is a more effective way to demonstrate what you have learned in your CV.
Changing the code cosmetically does not hide the structure.

Hello Kic,

Thank you for your response.

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@Kic, I have question about certificate. I just completed 1st course “Neural Networks and Deep Learning” of " Deep Learning Specialization". Will I receive certificate of completion of this course or certificate is granted only after finishing the whole Specialization?

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Hi, Agyul Ishemgulova.

Yes, definitely, you will receive certificates for each of the courses, but to have a certificate for the specialization, you need to finish all of the five courses.

Thanks for your reply, Rashmi!