Grader error assignment 1

Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: TypeError("‘NoneType’ object is not subscriptable")
why am i getting 0 points ,grader output is shown above

Hi @ans ,

Which week of the assignnment 1 you are referring to? Also, could you give us more information to diagnose the problem. For example, submission summary etc, so that we know which part of the code is causing the problem.

is this the reason?

Hi @ans,

You should check your code by running the unit test provided for you. If your test result is matching the expected output, or with message ‘all test passed’, then you have some confidence on your code as you progress further with your assignment. That is the purpose of providing test cases to help you assess how well your code is doing. If your code failed to pass the unit test, what is the point of submitting your assignment.

If you need help with any error encountered when running the test cases, do let’s know by posting here, giving details of which week, which assignment, which function/section of the code, what errors, including error traceback etc.

Re: I ran into a pretty disappointing error…

Yes, you have to complete the entire assignment before you can submit it for grading.

so either 0 or 100?
this was not the case in prev courses

Hi @ans

What is important is your learning. This DLS series of courses has been updated with a new grader. If there is anything we can help you with your learning, do drop us a post here.

If you left any of the “= None” code in the notebook, where you’re supposed to add your own code, that will often cause a syntax error and break the grader.