Grader errors if partial work is submitted

Hi everyone,
while I was working on emoji assignment, I ran into a pretty disappointing error. If you submit the assignment before you have finished all the graded functions, the grader will break and return a 0/100 grade. In my opinion, it is a better idea to allow partial submittions, or at least specify this condition. Otherwise, people will lose a lot of time to look for non-existing errors.
More precisely, the problem is with None-type pre-written variables in graded rows. I think my submission was failing because of a for loop over a None variable

Thanks for your suggestion. It is a good one.

Unfortunately, re-writing the exercises so they run without errors before you add your code is a significant amount of effort, and is not likely to happen. The course designers used “None” to indicate places where you need to add code.

I think all five courses in the specialization have this limitation. It isn’t specific to Course 5.