Grader Marked "Passed · 100/100 points" On Assignment Page But Not In "Grades"

I don’t know what the problem is here. I suspect it may be an issue with the Coursera platform and not the course itself. I tried submitting a couple more times since in the past the grade book has been slow to update, but no dice.

Coursera has been working to fix this issue, yes it’s a platform problem.

Please contact the Coursera Help Center, include this screen image, and ask them to manually update your score.

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Thanks for responding so quickly!

Please post back whether the Help Center was able to fix it.

The help center still has not replied. I do not think they are going to do anything about this. As it stands, this Deep Learning course is now not completable if it is also affecting other students.

You may have to pester them repeatedly. Be sure you include images that prove your case. It would not hurt to report it again, maybe you’ll get a more responsive agent next time.

Coursera reported a couple of days ago that they are working to fix this issue with high priority, because it impacts several learners in different classes.

They finally resolved it this week. I would advise anyone else to keep on top of them. It took three attempts at contact via the webform, and one person via the chat over the course of two weeks to get a response.