Week 2 Deep Learning. Not recognizing test completion

Test scores say 100% but not getting completion credit. What’s the problem. I have submitted many times with NO response. Loosing time.

Please show us a screenshot of what you see on the “My Submissions” page for that assignment. E.g. like this:

That all looks correct, although those pages are rendering for you in a different way than they do for me. What do you mean “not recognizing test completion”? Please show a screenshot of what you think is wrong or missing.

Notice the Programming Assignment is still showing Overdue, that is not complete. I have submitted about 10 times.

Sorry, I don’t know what would cause that. The only thing I can suggest is to try logging out of Coursera, logging back in again and seeing if that makes a difference. You could also try clearing all your cookies for Coursera, which would be more of a “sledgehammer” version of logging in again.

If neither of those things work, then there must be something wrong with the status of your account. Try contacting the Coursera Help Center and see if they can help. Click the small blue square ? lower right on any of the course pages.

Completely signing out and submitting worked. Thanks

I’m really glad to hear that worked. You had me worried there for a while! Thanks for confirming.