Greetings from Amsterdam👋


I’m from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, have a background in Econometrics (Bachelor) and am a drop out master student (Computational Science) :smile:

Recently we’ve decided to put our startup for sale, and I’ve decided to make a career switch to the field of AI. Therefore, I am following courses to refresh and expand my knowledge on AI. Also searching for interesting projects to work on or exciting career opportunities.

Very excited to start and looking forward to connect with you all!

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Hi, Julien.

Welcome to the forums and the DLAI courses! Since you’ve got experience with grad level Comp Sci courses, you should be well prepared for the courses here. Just make sure your python skills are up-to-date if you’re going to take any of the courses involving coding (which is most of them).

Have fun and see you on the forums!


Thank you for your warm welcome, Paul!

I have some experience with Python, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib and OOP. I hope that is a good enough to immediately start coding :pray:

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Sounds like you are “good to go”! Lots of interesting material ahead. Should be fun!

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@jfer Greetings from Amsterdam as well. I am currently working on my next venture in the field of Education for Professionals, might be interesting to connect at some point :slight_smile:


@akshaym2014 welcome! Always open te hear about exciting ventures. Let’s keep in touch!