Having problem with Lab 1

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  • Week #1

I am able to get into the studio but when i try to get the infomration from the bucket I am getting an error.

I am having problems with the lab in the course, and I don’t the Chat was not helpful do you a number that I can call, thanks

When I add the following to the studio: aws s3 cp --recursive s3://dail-generative-ai/labs/w1-549876/ ./

I am getting the following error below
fatal error: An error occurred (NoSuchBucket) when calling the ListObjectsV2 operation: The specified bucket does not exist

Can you try again, if the bucket is still missing then let us know again!


I am still getting the error

For you attention @chris.favila, thank you

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Hi Michelle. It seems like there’s a typo in the aws s3 cp command. dlai was spelled as dail in the bucket url. You can just copy paste the command from the instructions to ensure there are no typos. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the help

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