Having strange bug report running notebooks offline

When trying running Week1 Initialization coding homework locally, I did download all the lab files (with coding homework done 100 score ). I just want to make sure I can get same results locally for later review use.
When I run block
plt.title(“Model with Zeros initialization”)
axes = plt.gca()
plot_decision_boundary(lambda x: predict_dec(parameters, x.T), train_X, train_Y)
which has no code I write at all! Error message pop up.

What should I do?

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If you run the notebooks locally or in any other environment besides the course website, there is no guarantee that they will run without error or generate the same results. That is because the course materials are “dated”: released at one point in the past (perhaps different for different assignments) and using whatever the current versions of the hundreds of packages they depend on. For example, this course DLS Course 2 was last updated in April of 2021. That’s 3 years ago and a lot can change in that time. The world of python packages, especially those related to ML/DL, is very dynamic: things don’t hold still for very long.

There are no official instructions for how to cope with this, because a) it’s complicated and b) it’s not DLAI’s problem. They provided you with a working environment. If you want to port it someplace else, then you need to have the IT skills to solve whatever problems you run into. Here’s a thread with a lot of information from a fellow student which will get you started down that road. It’s fine to ask questions about things like this, but you need to be prepared for the fact that you’re not guaranteed to get an answer.

Thanks for your answer! However, I just want to get it working on my git or somewhere. If I cannot debug what happend, is it possible for me to get the exact enviroment used online? Can I get the information of what version of dependencies it is using?
I know my notebook works using the online enviroment. Can I just get a copy of the online enviroment and just use a VM to be able to run it locally?

I just read the link you give and is all the problem coming from python version?

I believe that was described in that thread that I gave you.

Sorry, but I don’t know the cause of the specific problem you show.

Maybe you will get lucky and someone more knowledgable than I am will see this thread and be able to help you. But if that doesn’t happen, then you need to read that thread I gave you and perhaps search the forums for other similar threads and use that as a way to solve this set of problems.