Hello guys, i got a question can any one give me answer for it

deep learning is a part of machine learning
but what makes deep learning is the most popular part in
machine learning .
plz any one can give me answer, thank you<3

Why do you feel it is the “most popular part”?

Hi @kareem_abdelhamed

Good question.

I think Deep learning is the most popular part of machine learning because it excels at automatically learning complex patterns from data, achieves state-of-the-art performance across domains and benefits from scalable infrastructure. It has a lot of frameworks available as well.

because every body is talking about it
and i saw many video’s saying that

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okay good information, thanks you

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You welcome, my friend.

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All that means is it is a topic which will yield a lot of clicks on social media.

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Hey @kareem_abdelhamed,

You just feel that cause of the new data generation by time unstructured data (image, audio, text, video) is increasing which makes deep learning ideal solutions to deal with it. Maybe that’s why you see more applications focus on Computer Vision or LLMs to get the benefits from data we have in hand nowadays.

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oh thank you friend <3

great, thank you so much for help

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