Hello, trying to learn and not be discouraged

Hello everyone! I am hopefully taking my first steps into learning about AI. All recommendations are welcomed. My current roadmap looks like this -

  1. Learn Python coding language (as most models and ML are built on this)
  2. Understand how ML models are built, deployed, and maintained
  3. Practice with Jupyter, Pytorch, & Tensorflow
  4. Learn about Neural networks that create Deep Learning
  5. Learn about AI (the combination of ML and deep learning) to do what a human does)

Currently I have no experience in any of these fields. I am a baby deer taking their first steps. If you have any certificate, learning or bootcamps to recommend I am all ears. I am hoping to break into this career field to support my little family. Any other starting points or references are welcomed. Thank you for having me!


Welcome to the forum!

After you complete 1) (indeed a critical first step), you can accomplish 2) and 3) both at once with the Machine Learning Specialization.

That will set you up for item 4), the Deep Learning Specialization.

This will give you a broad background of methods and experience.

After that you’ll have the basis of understanding what areas you wish to explore further in your item 5).

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