Hey! Nice to meet you. I'm Kristian 👋

Hello, all.

It’s great to be part of the DeepLearning.AI community!

I’m Kristian and I’m a software engineer with 10 years in web technologies, recently in AI as well.

I was firstly introduced to AI through ChatGPT and I was fascinated how capable the AI technology was.

I started playing with more and more AI models and I worked on a few projects using OpenAI API and LangChain.

I also started to learn more and more about Prompt engineering and I noticed that is really hard for me to keep track and reuse all my good prompts. For that reason I started a small project for organizing AI prompts to solve my problem and it is now live and free to use for everyone. It’s called PromptWave AI

I’m super excited to learn more about all of you and connect. I’d be happy if you reach out and we can chat about prompt engineering, code, or AI in general.