History.hkl got graded 0 for C2W2 assignment

Hi all,
I got the notebook working achieving >0.8 accuracy.
However, my assignment failed because of the message below?

Failed test case: could not parse values for validation accuracy from history.

Can anyone please help to pass history.hkl as well.

Thanks, Anthony

If you are specifying validation data / generator in the call to model.fit, please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.


This is the content of the cell that does the plotting. The accuracy metric is called accuracy. Please update your model metric and undo the changes to this cell where you’ve replaced accuracy with acc.

# Retrieve a list of list results on training and test data
# sets for each training epoch

epochs=range(len(acc)) # Get number of epochs

# Plot training and validation accuracy per epoch
plt.plot(epochs, acc, 'r', "Training Accuracy")
plt.plot(epochs, val_acc, 'b', "Validation Accuracy")
plt.title('Training and validation accuracy')