How Business Thinkers Can Start Building AI Plugins With Semantic Kernel

The new short course “How Business Thinkers Can Start Building AI Plugins With Semantic Kernel,” created in collaboration with Microsoft, is live!

Discover the possibilities of Microsoft’s Semantic Kernel SDK and build AI applications using LLMs, no matter your professional background.

What you’ll learn:

:point_right:How to craft “semantic functions” to succinctly summarize text
:point_right:Chaining semantic functions for enhanced impact
:point_right:How to use an LLM as a planner

Level up your skills, whether you’re a business leader looking to integrate AI or a developer aiming to enhance your business strategies.

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Is there a github repo from where I can download the notebooks and other materials from this course? Thanks!

Looks like it is this one: GitHub - johnmaeda/pizzashop-and-ai: Playing off of Andrew Ng's TED talk on the business value of AI and his pizza shop example

Awesome! I had no idea where the plugin directory was. Thanks for sharing the github.

Inspiring training, enjoyed it!
Would be nice to receive a completion badge at the end though :slight_smile:

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Great course, thank you. Will there be an advanced course in the future?