How can I setup the labs locally?

Hello, my name is Naz. I want to run every study on my local computer. I downloaded the files and tried running the cells on my laptop. However, there are many packages to be installed and I don’t know which versions to install. Can anybody share the setup file if someone has done it before or if it is shared somewhere?

Hello @Nazli,

We encourage learners to finish the labs/assignments on coursera, not just because we tested them on coursera and we cannot guarantee and we do not support them to work as expected in other environments, but also because editing the notebook outside coursera can alter the notebook’s metadata which may cause trouble to the assignment grader when you submit it. In the case of grader failing to grade because of the metadata corruption, you would need to move your work manually to a coursera based notebook and resubmit.

Therefore, I suggest you to finish them on coursera, but you may keep a backup by downloading the notebooks and all supporting files provided by the course team by following the instructions here.

Note that the supporting files are necessary to run the notebooks, but they may not be sufficient when a notebook also requires some other Python packages. For this, we do not have an installation guideline to reproduce a coursera’s environment on your computer, so you might need to google through how to install each package one by one on your environment until all package dependencies problem are resolved.


hey Raymond, I’m very happy submitting assignments in the coursera lab but would also like to take the opportunity to learn and experiment with how to visualise the techniques we’re learning on the course. I’ve had a search online to try and see if the dependencies are available but had no luck, are there open source / available python packages we can install that would help us run these?

for example (from C1_W2_Lab2)

from plt_one_addpt_onclick import plt_one_addpt_onclick
from lab_utils_common import draw_vthresh


Hello @James_Powell,

Those look like our course’s scripts, so you can’t find it elsewhere. Please go to this post and under “Downloading your notebook”, you will find method 2 about how to download the whole workspace for a lab. You will then be able to get all course’s scripts related to the lab.